Your Free Global Communication Friend with Benefits

PrivyMo is an innovative
messanger app coming
soon that offers users
the ability to earn points
(SmartPoints) to redeem
on a variety of products
and services

The PrivyMo app is the
first of it's kind to offer
customers points for
normal day to day IM

PrivyMo is based on a
loyalty scheme which
means our loyal
customers are your loyal

How it works

Call Free, Earn Points, Win Prizes

Earn Smartpoints when you
chat, talk, share and browse
(daily interaction) and use the
points to win prizes and get
discounts from participating


As a merchant you will have
access to all PrivyMo customers
all over the world

You will be able to create
promotional raffle campaigns and
offer discunts to users that
you target

Why lose money through services like Groupon and
livingSocial when you can potentially reach millions of
users for free fhrough PrivyMo

The best part, it's FREE.You keep 100% of all proceeds,
unlike Groupon and LivingSocial

Be part of PrivyMo

To join us on this journey,
please leave your details
and we will offer you a
VIP position as one of our
privileged first customers


Your Free Global Comunication Friend
with benefits